EDFA and EYDFA Optical Fiber Amplifiers at 1.5μm


QGLex covers a wide range of applications with its high performance and high power Erbium (EDFA) or Erbium-Ytterbium (EYDFA) doped fiber amplifiers such as Telecom and Scientific.


The 1.5µm EDFAs are available in different wavelength range C-Band, L-Band and C+L-Band These wall-plug units include a wide selection of Boosters, Pre-Amplifiers, In-Line, Mid-Stage access and Gain-Flattened Amplifiers.


QGLex amplifiers are available in OEM integrated packages or "plug-and-play" Benchtop format with the user-friendly front panel and a wide range of options such as polarization maintaining or pulse amplification.

  • Wide range of power from 14 dBm to 36 dBm
  • Choice of wavelengths C-, L- and C+L-bands
  • Near quantum-limited noise figure preamplifiers
  • RS232 or USB interface
  • Custom design flexibility

EDFAs with output power range from 14 dBm to 25 dBm EDFA Datasheet

EYDFAs with output power range from 30 dBm to 36 dBm EYDFA Datasheet